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Commercial Plumbing Inspector /
Plumbing Plans Examiner $450 - Class or Webinar

Buildinf Official: Inspector Training and Certification


Commercial Plumbing Inspector: The Plumbing Inspector certification is for persons who inspect residential and commercial buildings in order to ensure compliance with governing plumbing and gas codes. For RESIDENTIAL Plumbing Inspector, please see the class schedule for "1 & 2 Family Dwelling Inspector."

Plumbing Plans Examiner:
The Plumbing Plans Examiner certification is for persons who review Plumbing plans in order to ensure compliance with the governing plumbing and gas codes.

Reference Materials

Use the test outlines above to determine which references you need - they differ depending on whether you are taking a computer based test or pen and pencil, and whether you are applyying for ICC certification or State of Florida Standard Certificates.

For detailed ICC exam outlines and application for ICC exam, go to:

For the Florida STANDARD Certificates , you need to apply to the STATE OF FLORIDA: Certification Examination and Endorsement Package

Buildinf Official: Inspector Training and Certification

How We Prepare You to Pass Your Exam:

Our two-day seminar is designed to prepare you to pass either the ICC Commercial Plumbing Inspector or Plans Examiner examination the first time you take it!. The item bank of questions are largely "cross focused" on similar code subject matter - therefore we prepare our students by teaching the relevant information in a concise, organized, systematic format that has proven to be the most successful ever! If you are doing a RESIDENTIAL Plumbing Inspector exam, please see our 1-day seminar for Residential Plumbing under the "1 & 2 Family Dwelling Combination" inspector category.

You will learn about the Code chapter by chapter, demonstrating fundamental principles and interpretations, then applying specific code provisions to the plans and applicable specifications. Students are continually challenged to think about code applications throughout the course through discussions regarding errors and omissions frequently found at the construction site.

At the conclusion of this course, students will have covered the required information for both the Inspector and Plans Examiner examination.

Students have access to THREE simulated practice exams online (inspector) or written practice test questions (plans examiner) following class at no additional charge. Access to online materials are available for 30 DAYS following student sign-up (or online only) or class date (classroom/live webinar).

Continuing Education Credit

This CLASSROOM course provides continuing education credit for persons licensed under the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board, Building Code Inspectors and Administrators Board (through the CILB), and Electrical Contractors License Board. Others license boards, classifications, and professions may qualify for approval in Florida or other States.CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THOSE THAT ATTEND LIVE OR RECORDED WEBINARS.

DBPR Provider # 0001189

Day 1(8:00 am - 5:00 pm):  Construction Math & Plan Interpretation
CILB: Course # 0006042 (4 hrs. general, 1 safety, 1 workers comp, 1 business)
ECLB: Course #0005898 (4 hrs. technical, 1 safety, 1 workers comp, 1 business)
BCAI:  All courses approved by CILB/ECLB are reciprocated as "general" hours
Day 2 (8:00 am - 5:00 pm):  Plumbing Codes & Plan Interpretation
CILB: Course #0006046 (4 hrs. general, 1 safety, 1 workers comp, 1 business)
ECLB:  No approval
BCAI:  All courses approved by CILB/ECLB are reciprocated as "general" hours

Schedule and Pricing

Course are available in CLASSROOM, SIMULTANEOUS WEBINARS via the internet, or RECORDED WEBINARS. Classes are held at our Learning Center located in Hudson, Florida 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The course fee is $450.00 for any format and includes instruction and access to any recorded webinar(s) and online simulated exams (bring your own exam references) for THIRTY DAYS.. If you wish to RE-TAKE this course after the 30 days has expired, there is a $150 Re-take Fee. Students must have their own code or other reference material required for the test. All reference materials can be purchased from the Contractors Library.


Days Seminar Date(s) Location
December 2-3, 2014
February 24-25, 2015
May 5-6, 2015

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