ICC Code Institute
for International Code Council (ICC) Certification Exam Preparation

ICCcode_logomedThe Building Officials Institute is now the ICC Code Institute. The ICC Code Institute continues to offer Building Official National ICC training programs to prepare construction industry professionals for the International Code Council (ICC) certifications. In addition, the ICC Code Institute offers a training program to prepare Florida construction industry professionals for the Florida Principles & Practices exam.

The ICC Code Institute Continuing Education training programs build on your foundation of related experience and field knowledge to offer advanced certificates of competency in relevant industry services and provide continuing education credit for qualified industry professionals. Building Official ICC Inspector/Plans Examiner programs include ICC 600 Residential Wind Design Technician, Commercial Building, 1 & 2 Family Dwelling (Combination), Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing specialties.

The ICC Code Institute’s Miniature House With Various Drafting Items and Blue Prints.experienced instructors provide Building Official students with 7 to 28 hours of intense program training . All ICC Code Institute training programs include state-of-the-art presentations, training handouts, and practice exams to prepare you to demonstrate proof of your advanced competency as an ICC certified or Florida state certified Inspector / Plans Examiner.

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