CI® Certified Coastal and Floodplain Construction Inspector

$350 CI® Certified Coastal and Floodplain Construction Inspector

$150  Retake Fee – Another 45 days

Coastal Inspector Exam Prep Course – ICC Course #11360 .90 CEUS

An exam where candidates should be able to assess the construction methods and design of structures located in areas affected by the extreme effects of nature, high wind, and flooding.

Course Overview:

Coastal Construction & Floodplain Inspector – This course covers the exam content for the Coastal & Floodplain Inspector. The Coastal and Floodplain Inspector Examination will measure the candidate’s ability to assess the construction methods and design of structures located in areas affected by the extreme effects of nature. These areas include, but are not limited to, high wind, flooding, and seismic activity.

Other topics include: Grade & Structure Elevations, Location of Construction on Property & Construction Survey, Deep Foundation Piles, Shear Walls, Product Approvals, Corrosion Control, Load Path & Connections, Structural Hardware & Fasteners, Structural Lumber & Pre-Engineered Systems, Windborne Debris Regions, Special High-Wind Roofing, Exterior Sheathing & Wall Coverings, Soffits & Overhangs, Structural Design Parameters, Substantial Improvement & Damage, Flood-resistant Materials, Exterior Equipment, Breakaway Walls, Flood Vents, Dry Flood proof Enclosures Below Base Flood Elevation, Flood Resistant Foundation Systems, Elevation Certificates, Use of areas Below the base flood elevation, Decks and Patios, Manufactured Housing Foundation & Anchoring Systems, Accessory Structures, Docks, Wharfs, Piers, & Sea Walls & Bulkheads, Floodways, Designated Wetlands, Coastal Construction Setback/ Control Lines, and Administrative Provisions related to Coastal Construction.

PLEASE NOTE: This certification requires additional certifications BEFORE you can apply to take the Coastal Construction & Floodplain Inspector certification exam. Current Certifications as Residential Building Inspector (B1 / 1B) and Commercial Building Inspector (B2 / 2B) are REQUIRED as prerequisites to this certification.

Click here: Exams Required & Reference Materials for FLORIDA BCAI CERTIFICATION

**For testing directly with ICC (or NOT wanting Florida certification), click here

NOTE: You may choose either 2018 or 2021 ICC Codes to test with when you sign up for the exams. Our CLASS will cover either edition 2018 Codes .

  • 2018 International Building Code
  • 2012 Wood Frame Construction Manual for One- and Two- family Dwellings (with Commentary)
  • FEMA 499 Home Builder’s Guide to Coastal Construction
  • FEMA 55 Coastal Construction Manual
  • ASCE/SEI 24-05 Flood Resistant Design & Construction

A complete exam package can be purchased through the Contractors Library.

How We Prepare You to Pass Your Exam

You will learn about the Code chapter by chapter, demonstrating fundamental principles and interpretations, then applying specific code provisions to the plans and applicable specifications. Students are continually challenged to think about code applications throughout the course through discussions regarding errors and omissions frequently found at the construction site. The exam is 60 questions in 2 hours and is open book. At the conclusion of this course, students will have covered the required information Coastal Construction & Floodplain Inspector examination.

IF you take the live classroom course, you may be eligible to receive CE credits – call for specific information!

Our class agenda looks like this:

8:00 am – begin
10:00 am – break
Noon – Lunch (we provide)
1:00 pm – continue
2:00 pm – break
5:00 pm + / – – done

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