General Certification Information

ICC Inspector and Plans Examiner Certifications

STEP 1 – Determine what you want to do with the certification and whether you want to take the exam via pen and pencil or computer based (most do computer based now). If you are from a state other than Florida and you want the ICC Certification, you may go by the ICC Exam Candidate Bulletin below. If you want to do inspections in FLORIDA, you will need a STANDARD CERTIFICATE.

See ICC’s Candidate Information Bulletin for specific information about the exams

Apply to the Florida DBPR, and use THEIR Candidate Bulletin

Keep in mind that Florida will require EXPERIENCE to qualify you for the Standard Certificates (5 years for inspectors, 10 for plans examiners). Select a certification category based on your experience to determine which tests you will need to take.

The State of Florida will ALSO require you to take a Florida Principles & Practices Exam, which covers Florida statutes and rules governing inspectors. YOU HAVE TO BE APPLY TO DBPR to be approved to take this exam…. in the application for the inspector/plans examiner there is a question about whether you have ever passed this exam (if you check no, they approve you for taking it).

STEP 2 – Obtain the study references required for your exam as outlined in the appropriate Candidate Information Bulletin above. Call Contractors Library to order books 1-800-571-4777 or visit our website.

STEP 3 – Enroll in Exam Prep Course (you might want to wait until you get approval from the DBPR if you are applying for Florida Standard Certificates) — our prep course reviews the complete content outline for the exams for commercial and residential inspectors and plans examiner (see class schedule below). You may attend the classroom course, a simultaneous live webinar, or take the course online using a recorded webinar. All include simulated practice exams.

STEP 4 – Pass your Exam!

Call the Contractors Institute (1-877-542-3673) and ask for Rhonda or Zada for further information.

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